What is The Good Work Guide?

The Good Work Guide is a multi-disciplinary career and enterprise consultancy helping people learn to make a good living.  That's a bit of a mouthful for essentially lots of different people with expertise in learning and earning coming together to put on events, workshops, exhibitions and all kinds of learning and earning opportunities. We're just getting started and open to all sorts of ideas - and with lots coming up - follow us on twitter  , check out our forthcoming events on this site and join our mailing list.

The Good Work Guide was founded and is co-ordinated by me, Jeanne Booth and you can check out some of my stuff at www.jeannebooth.net , email me or call me on 07939 405507.

My strategies for making a good living are:*

- make enough money
- doing stuff you enjoy and care about
- connect with family, friends, communities
- be active...walk, run, dance, get outside
- take notice, savour experiences
- keep learning
- give...do something nice for friends & strangers
.........and don't forget to have fun!

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*with grateful acknowledgement of wonderful rigorous research from the New Economics Foundation